Eliminate time and costs spent on transportation with online meetings and working from home. This is made possible by using an optimised environment which delivers a great user experience. You save time, money and resources – and it is good for the environment, too.



Offices and on-site environments take up space and cost an average of DKK 5,000 per desk per month. Make your environment flexible by using a hybrid or cloud solution so that you are not tied to the office. Start the transition and replace heavy investments with consumption-based services at your own pace.



Make optimal use of your capacity and resources. Hybrid and cloud solutions give you the flexibility to scale up or down, or to move capacity when you need it. Automate processes to minimise errors and omissions.


Work from home and support the business with
significant savings on for instance property costs
and transport time.

A healthy exercise in budgeting and finance is to look at costs from a holistic perspective – instead of just focusing on the price point or the primary investment. Of course, this is true of cost savings too.

Some of the largest and most relevant items in companies’ budgets are the fixed costs for office workplaces. Mobile and flexible employees have less need for a permanent seat in the office. This paradigm shift can be converted directly into substantial savings on property costs equivalent to at least DKK 5,000 (approximately €670/$750) per desk per month.

The same logic can be applied to an on-site data centre. Is there an actual need to maintain a big data centre in the basement? Hybrid and cloud solutions are forging ahead – and with good reason, because they come with many advantages, including the ability to make better and more flexible use of capacity. This allows heavy investments to be converted into consumption-based services, reducing costs. A Gartner study from March 2020 revealed that 32% of companies have deferred investments in on-site technology or are planning around home offices. At the same time, 22% have reduced or plan to reduce their property costs.

When we think outside the box, there are also significant savings to be made regarding time and resources. Using digital meetings both internally and externally, companies save the costs related to the transport itself as well as to the time spent commuting. The more employees work from home and meet online, the less dependent you are on everybody sitting together at one location – and you can also reduce absence due to sickness, mainly because people are less likely to infect others, but also because they recover faster. When working from home also makes employees happier and more fulfilled and reduces CO2 emissions, the calculation is quite simple.

Let Conecto help you to generate tangible savings, reduce absence and make your employees happier with a flexible working life.

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