Bring in the top skills to protect your environment – whenever, wherever and however you work. Conecto offers managed services and emergency support agreements to suit your specific needs and ensure reliable operations and prompt access to the most skilled resources.


Security risk

Data security is largely a matter of solutions that are easy for the users to use. MFA, User Behaviour and Identity & Access Management support users’ work processes in different ways and ensure that authenticated users have the right access to data. No more, no less.



When work is moved out of the office, users need quick and easy access to data and applications. It is vital to have a robust platform that can provide secure access across devices and locations while also focusing on user experience.


We guarantee security, wherever,
whenever and however you work

Security should be high on the agenda for all companies – in terms of access to data, availability, backup solutions, compliance, etc. The main focus has traditionally been on establishing a secure ‘barrier’ around the company. But as employees move their workplace away from the ‘safe and secure’ office environment, security is massively challenged by users’ need to access data and applications anywhere, anytime and from any device.

This was very evident in March 2020, when Denmark was locked down overnight and home offices were urgently needed for almost everyone. Companies were facing huge challenges regarding security, as very few IT environments are geared towards providing secure access across geographic locations and devices – and certainly not on the massive scale which was, and still is, the case. Outdated IT solutions compromise data security and can cause incalculable damage to companies.

Our workplaces have changed forever, and everyone is talking about a “new normal” where more of us will work from home. In an analysis by Gartner, 74% of the CFOs questioned expect that at least 5% of all office employees will work from home permanently – even when the pandemic is over. A Danish analysis shows that one out of two managers will make more use of working from home in the future.*

In this new reality, it is imperative to eliminate risks and restore data security.

We need to think in new ways, and new strategies must be developed so that IT can once again support the new everyday life for employees and businesses. At Conecto we have world-leading expertise in this area, and we are ready to help you and your company to provide complete security to your users and business, whether you work in the office, from home or somewhere else entirely.

​* Gartner March 2020, Lederne April-May 2020