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Mobility in the clinical work...

- What is it and how do we achieve it?

Accessing patient information when moving around is often a challenge, and an even greater challenge when using shared devices. Besides that, many people think that mobility can be achieved with an iPhone or a tablet. But for healthcare professionals in hospitals and in municipalities, this is rarely the case. Specially because they quickly encounter a lot of difficulties: like programs that are not adapted to the format of iPhones or tablets, requirements of smartcard identification, screen sizes and information that do not work, option of working on shared devices etc. 

On this virtual round table, we will discuss how to look differently at mobility and find the right solution, that can support the healthcare professionals with their busy days in hospitals or in municipalities.

Participate in the discussions with Thomas Lehmann (Conecto) and Anette Falkenroth (KnowIT Health Insight).

This event has already taken place. 

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