Home offices make employees more efficient and creates a flexible resource for companies.

Efficiency or productivity is not defined by or limited to a certain location or a certain time. On the contrary, the vast majority of us are more productive when we have the freedom to work where, when and how we like. It is essential for businesses to ensure that employees have both the freedom and the technology to support this. Countless studies show that some of the biggest time wasters in the workplace are interruptions, switching between systems and tasks, lack of remote access and the effort of searching for the exact information or systems that you need.

Disrupt the traditional way of thinking about work and IT. Give your employees the right facilities and tools to do their jobs properly. Delve into your various employees’ everyday work lives and workflows and discover what their individual needs really are. Modern technology and digital workspace solutions can help you to simplify and automate processes and workflows so that the technology adapts to users’ needs and not the other way around.

​Our primary goal at Conecto is to create digital solutions with the best user experience together with our customers. We ensure that users have the freedom to do their jobs efficiently. Efficiency that supports the business and produces job satisfaction for all employees.

Let Conecto help you to provide the optimal conditions for your employees.



Studies show that employees are 13% more efficient when they work from home. 86% say that working from home is less stressful, mainly because there is more peace and quiet and fewer interruptions at home. Give your employees the peace to do their jobs



Analyses show that employees only focus on their core competencies 43% of the time. Among the culprits for this are context switching, logging in and out, searching for information and lack of remote access. Intelligent workspaces and automation reduce time wasted and sharpen focus.



Technological challenges and the number of systems that employees use every day reduce productivity by 40%. Give your employees robust tools and ‘shortcuts’ for their day-to-day work to make things like time registration easier and simpler – without any training in using complex systems. This will save time for users and for IT support.