Work is not a place

In a world that can change radically within a short time, it has become even more evident that attributes like flexibility and agility are crucial to companies’ ability to adapt their business rapidly. Companies that possess the capability and capacity for their employees to work wherever and whenever it suits them best, are quite simply more adaptable and as a result much better placed in a world that is changing from day to day. Work is not a place.

In 2020 there are no longer many reservations regarding working from home. Efficiency does not suffer – quite the opposite, according to a study from the professional association Lederne in May 2020. With the possibility of more peace and quiet and fewer interruptions at home, staff are both efficient and happy, as many companies have already discovered for themselves.

So, the primary barriers have gone, and companies that have embraced the concept of “Work is not a place” are not only adaptable but can also unlock the economic benefits associated with a modern, agile and flexible business.

IT infrastructure needs to be optimised and adapted to this new reality. Employees need to have the same, great user experience from home as known from the office, and it is essential to prioritise the security to safeguard corporate data and applications.

As the leading specialist in this field, Conecto helps companies with this digital transformation – without compromising neither security nor user experience. So only one question remains:

Is your business ready to reap the benefits of WORK IS NOT A PLACE?